Friday, November 1, 2013

Just my Opinion

I know many of you are disappointed that President Obama so far has chosen not to come to Gettysburg for the commemoration of Dedication Day at the Gettysburg National Cemetery on November 19, 2013.

This should be a surprise to no one who studies history.

In a recent political tiff the president had with congress, he used the National Park Service as political club to inflict as much pain as he could into the lives of patriotic Americans.

It wasn't the closing of scenic lands and recreational parks that cut deeply into the flesh of veterans and historians, rather the unnecessary closure of national battlefields here in the U. S. and the national cemeteries both home and abroad.

Those actions betrayed the most historically tone deaf president in our history.

His actions were designed to support his political agenda by creating a straw man that would destroy his political opponents by creating a public opinion conflagration. It did not work and he was seen as the clueless historian he truly is.

He had many alternatives but he chose to inconvenience the American public as much as possible.

His disrespect for the American dead that occupy all our "hallowed ground" was witnessed by everyone on the planet. It would seem an extreme example of hubris if now he tried to show reverence for the soil he had secured behind locked gates a short time ago.

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