Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Shameful Incongruity

The inability for the President and Congress to sit down at a negotiating table and produce some productive measures to satisfy all political factions is disgraceful.  All voters regardless of party, should be angry with their elected officials.

This failure to compromise is hurting the taxpayer and government employee on a daily basis.  People aren't paid and government services cannot be fulfilled.

With living near Gettysburg, one can really feel the pain.  Tourists have been deprived of visiting the battlefield and national cemetery.  Licensed guides suddenly have lost income overnight due to the inability to guide anywhere with the closure of federal property.  Locally businesses are losing income everyday as tourism spirals downward.

The real shame is that all of this could have been prevented regardless if there was a government shutdown or not.  The Executive Department (i.e. President Obama) made a political calculus on how to address the government slowdown and decided on closure in order to hurt the public the most.  This has been confirmed by at least one federal park ranger and the actions of the Department of Interior which have adversely affected private commerce near the federal parks.

In the instance of Gettysburg, the Visitor's Center is open because it is run by a private non-profit organization.  There is a minimal federal staff present in law enforcement and maintenance. 

The point is President Obama could have allowed the public to walk and visit their OWN property but he decided not to.  He decided to take the "pour the salt in the wound" approach to remedy a political imbroglio of his own making.

The biggest shame is not economic nor service related, it is that patriotism, thanksgiving, appreciation, remembrance, thankfulness and respect for American sacrifice has taken the largest and most painful hit.  And to think, this avenue of political vengeance has been ordered by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Until further notice,  we cannot contemplatively stroll the National Cemetery or amble the hallowed ground of the Military Park until this present president changes his mind.

That is a vile shame and a repugnant disgrace.