Wednesday, January 9, 2013

While we are at it.

The easiest target is always the law-abiding citizen or the person that would turn the other cheek.

Soft headed intellectuals and criminals see these traits as weaknesses in human beings. So now that some people have harassed legal gun owners who exercise their constitutional right, let us turn the table!!!!

Let's have all Americans with any criminal record or mental record or medical record have their name, address and crime or malady for all to see, published in the newspapers. The purported reason for putting handgun owners in the newspaper was in response to so-called public safety concerns. Okay, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

I want to know if the guy next door is a criminal whether he committed DWI, smoke pot or physically abused his children or spouse; IT IS FOR MY SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF MY FAMILY!!! SO IT'S OKAY.

I want to know what mental illnesses my neighbors suffer from. IT IS NOT THEIR PRIVACY IT IS FOR MY SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF MY FAMILY.

I want to know what diseases my neighbors have. Are they communicable and dangerous? Do they have HIV OR HEPATITIS? THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO PRIVACY WHEN IT COMES TO MY SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF MY FAMILY.

Legal firearm ownership, criminal tendencies, mental disease and infectious disease; it's all the same, right? Oh it's not? Why not?

What about MY RIGHTS!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Get Rid of New Years Day Holiday

How many of you are in favor with doing away with the New Years Day Holiday? In today's world what purpose does it serve except to give non-essential government workers a day off.

We have to suffer through endless, boring looking-back -over -the- year- perspectives on television which are totally meaningless. Drunks crowd the downtown square while public officials try to burn downtown by igniting tons of fireworks. For what purpose, because the next day is January one and it is a new year? We are not celebrating the birth of a messiah or birth of a nation; it is just a new year like last year was, BIG DEAL!

What do you think?