Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Glimmer of Hope

After having 27 years in government let me explain to the politically naive what sequestration actually means; smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand in conjunction with a gullible public.

The government has OUR money.  They will spend it where THEY want to.  At the same time the government (legislators and chief executives) realize they don't have enough money for THEIR stuff.  One way it get more money is to take financing from other programs and put the funding in their favorites programs and or to raise taxes and fees.

Now, because of their greed, stupidity and fiscal ineptitude they are caught in a pinch where they have no money to back THEIR programs.  

Here is where the deception and the use of Teflon clothing comes in.  Bring the fiscal crunch to the public forum by cutting the MOST popular or MOST strategically important programs and BLAME the loyal opposition.  

This is where the public is to rebel and approve of the solution to the fiscal problem set forth by the current administration.  You the public rejoice as the useful fools that you are (some of you anyway).

Four years ago, President Obama abdicated his fiscally responsible leadership to guarantee an approval to the fiscal irresponsibility of the 111th Congress.   Hence the PORKCULUS BILL was made law and we all suffer from it today.

The voting populace who voted for President Obama and the 111th Congress and also those who voted for giving President Obama a second term, are those responsible for our present fiscal woes.

A glimmer of hope remains.  It appears that not everyone is backing the administration's way of avoiding finding a real solution.        

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