Friday, December 28, 2012

Nanki Poo this ain't Titipu Anymore

In recent weeks I have been irked by some comments made by people when they were discussing the President of the United States (POTUS).

One talking-head on MSNBC was referring to POTUS and his upcoming remarks on gun control legislation in the wake of the shootings in Connecticut.  She said something to the effect that we all should be interested in what POTUS has to say because he is "the Commander -in- Chief".
Well...., yes and no.  He is not my Commander-in-Chief since I am not a part of the military.  He cannot order me to do anything.  Military personnel are another matter and he is in fact their Commander-in-Chief.  He is in fact the civilian commander of the United States military.  We the People run the military, they do not run us.

But not too far from that blooper Nanny -in-Chief Michael Bloomberg was stating what POTUS should be telling us what to do about gun control.  

Well......yes and no.  He can't just tell us what to do.  He may suggest legislative changes and then enforce them as law BUT even with his shaky "Executive Orders" he must be constitutionally correct and should not over step his authority in a non-emergency situation.

These episodes represent the mistaken notion that POTUS is supreme dictator or Commissar ala Joe Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao se Tung and Nanny Bloomberg.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is even getting into the act!  The New York Times reported on his intention to possibly "confiscate" firearms from New York State citizens.

Why are chief executives at all levels of government considering themselves Commissars, Nannies, Tsars, Despots, Emperors, Kaisers or Big Cohunes and by doing so being the legislative, judicial and executive roles all wrapped one!?!?!?  This reminds me of Pooh-Bah in Gilbert and Sullivan's satirical comedy opera The Mikado.  That was fictional comedy, this is real governance in the 21st Century.

These Pooh Bahs ought to remember the United States Constitution has a Second Amendment and Fourth Amendment.  They should also remember they are the representative of only one co-equal branch of government.  The electorate elected them, they did not appoint themselves and no power has anointed them. 

We the people gave the power to govern to the government and we can just as easily take it away.

Oh how life was so simple in The Town of Titipu!

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