Monday, April 2, 2012

Commissar Obama Speaks Again

Well, there he goes again.

Today President Obama belittled  a co-equal branch of government.  He couched his argument from the view point of conservatives that have criticized the practice of laws being made from the bench rather than the legislature.  This was obviously an extremely feeble attempt to elicit support from the right.  Don't hold your breath Mr. President.

He opined that he doesn't believe an unelected body, such as the Supreme Court should overturn a law that was overwhelmingly passed by Congress in regards to health care.

It seems the Commissar fears the intervention of another co-equal branch of government is unnecessary.  On the contrary, whether anyone likes it or not, bad law needs to be examined at all levels.  This is exactly why there is a Supreme Court, not a Supreme President!

The purpose of an independent judiciary is to interpret the meaning of laws taking into account their constitutionality.  It doesn't matter if the law is popular or was overwhelmingly passed.  That is immaterial.  The Supreme Court rules on constitutionality of the statues and regulations.  Laws that are deemed unconstitutional can  be re-written and therefore reexamined.

Commissar Obama is playing a dangerous game of over stepping his authority as defined in the Constitution. 
Indeed, not all rulings of the court have appeared just nor have appeared to follow common sense or even legal guidelines.  The Dred Scott decision and Roe v. Wade come to mind.  But alas, the Supremes have the final say on the legality of laws or regulations.

But then again, presidents of the United States understand this,  but commissars get testy when their authority, desires and dictates are challenged. (A mild odor of FDR at this juncture!)

It is quite possible that the Supreme Court may rule in favor of the health care laws that are currently being contested.  This would make his veiled threat a mute point, BUT make it he did! 

What made the situation worse is that he did it in an inappropriate setting with two other world leaders present.  How shameful!

The president surely knows better than to say the court has no authority to examine this law and if they deem, strike it down on constitutional grounds.  This from a college professor that taught  constitutional law.

There was another instance which was just as egregious.  Remember back in the State of the Union speech in January of 2010, when he expressed his displeasure at the court's decision in the Citizens United case.  He embarassed the justices and all Americans by chastising them in front of a world wide audience.  Decorum prevented the justices from responding except for Alito's shaking of his head indicating no.  The president was wrong then; the president is wrong now. 

President Obama has shown the world his arrogance and distain for people that disagree with him.  Does he deserve to be reelected?  I think not.

It's just something to think about.

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